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My TheRealReal Consignment Shop


So, happy fashion month! I have accumulated a nice sized closet full of designer clothing and even fast fashion. Some of the items I cannot still wear but I keep around the same size (2-4, Size small). So if you are looking for some beautiful consignment clothing, please check out my shop on The Real Real. They are a leading luxury resale marketplace where you can shop online or in their brick and mortar stores. You can see the dresses on sale above. I am currently gathering some of my fall/winter items as well…coats and everything. So be on the lookout for that soon. Enjoy!



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Surfing a Tsunami


Fashion is by definition a reflection of what is going on in the world. We live in a moment of total disruption as our tools change and the speed increases. Everyone is surfing a tsunami, trying to understand how to deal with waves of so much information, so many images. As always when in periods of change, clarity and quality become imperative.” – Diane von Furstenberg

Fave Looks So Far from New York Fashion Week SS 2016 (And Givenchy! *Swoon*)

Tanya Taylor

These have to be some of my favorite looks so far from the New York Fashion Week Spring 2016 shows. I’ve seen lots of pink, blue, sequins and feathers on the runway and am just loving it. Tanya Taylor had an amazing show and the shoes were to die for! I have to say though Givenchy (watch it here) had to be my favorite show thus far. I feel bad for the model that really fell and bloodied herself but it  didn’t stop a thing. The face makeup, jewelry and craftmanship that Givenchy displayed was just out of this world. Take a look at the show below if you haven’t seen it already and what do you think of the season so far?

Diane von Furstenberg
Models at Zang Toi catwalk
Zang Toi
Diane von Furstenberg
Tadashi Shoji
Prabal Gurung



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Google Glasses Taking Over The World?


So I just came across my first Google glasses fashion statement at the Absolut Vodka Open Canvas Event in Brooklyn this past weekend and I was in awe. I was casually chit chatting with crochet artist Olek’s and her friend when it dawned on me that I had never seen these glasses that she had on. I put my fashion blogger cap on and had to ask, what kind of glasses are those??

They both quickly answered saying they were Google glasses. First thought was how high-tech and interesting. Second thought was that she looked kind of geeky and that they were clunky and not too fashionable. ‘Nerd Gear’ were the exact words that came to mind. I wondered if these so-called ‘sophisticated’ Google glasses were really worth all the hype and hysteria? And not to mention, $1500 price tag? I do not own a pair but supposedly it’s like having a smartphone, but it’s on your face. I actually prefer search engine Bing, I wonder can I access that through Google glasses? I mean, just how important is it to be so uber-connected to society that you need to physically wear glasses that will allow you to record a “Google video” or conduct a “Google hangout” while riding a rollercoaster?


For now, I remain skeptical. It looks like another unnecessary and over-hyped piece of ‘fancy technology’ that Google is using to make a good profit. And, at $1500 a pop, I’m sure they certainly are generating a fabulous return. And, of course wearable technology is the next fashion frontier. Hell, perhaps one day we’ll look back at this post and laugh, and Google glasses and whatever else really will have taken over the world. In the meantime, however, I’m not buying it. Google glasses are just an unnecessary technological toy that might make you look cool at a party.

What’s your opinion?



Malinda Knowles

Summer is in the Air: Waves, Water and that Perfect Maxi Dress for a Hamptons Weekend

Malinda Knowles at beach in Florida
I was looking at some old Instagram photos of an amazing time I had on the beach last Memorial Day Weekend and decided to share a few. I just can’t wait for the weather to fully warm up in New York City and for a few Hamptons weekends. As an original native of Florida, I live for the beach (only the good ones though) and I adore cute summer sandals, hats, bikinis, maxi dresses and jumpers. As I finalize my summer plans and get out of these final exams at FIT, I am absolutely looking forward to summer this year! Instagram by Malinda Knowles, Jupiter Beach Florida

Here’s an old painting of a beach wave that I did some time ago but I’m challenging myself to do better than that and get a bit more depth and contour in the wave and ocean water. As I said before, all of my artwork should be up on the blog before the summer is over.

Acrylic Wave Painting by Malinda Knowles

Anyway, I love a good maxi dress for the summer and spotted some new ones recently that seem great for that Florida or Hamptons summer vacation weekend. Check out a few below from Tibi, Roberto Cavalli, and Diane von Furstenberg. See even more summer wear here.


Sincerely Yours,


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Fashion Group International’s Fall/Winter 2013 Ready to Wear Trend Presentation

So this week I attended the Fashion Group International’s Ready to Wear Fashion Trend Presentation with host Diane von Furstenberg and discussion panelists blogger Bryanboy, Fashion Consultant Julie Gilhart, Fashion Editor Ana Maria Pimental, Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Director Colleen Sherin and Beauty Director of InStyle Magazine Amy Synnott D’Annibale.

Between the video and panel discussion, there was a lot to be said about current Ready to Wear fashion trends. The presentation mentioned several interesting trends including what I’ve been talking about on the blog; art, graphic prints and pop art on garments like that of Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 Collection (shown below) and Mary Katrantzou Spring 2011 Collection.


Also on the trend list, 3D fabrics and ‘touchy-feely’ quality like Commes des Garcon’s rose fabric manipulation in his Fall  2013 Runway Collection shown in Paris shown below. The presentation also touched on Marc Jacob’s nightwear to red carpet lingerie looking collection, hot pants and  the Chanel runway boots shown for Fall 2013 shown at Paris Fashion Week.


It was noted that slouchy, comfortable and less rigid handbags like those from the Celine Fall 2013 Collection (shown below) were making the trend list.


In an amazingly patterned arm sling, Diane opened up the panel discussion asking the question: “what is fashion?” She added that “anything goes” these days as you see people wearing high and low end, mixing it all together. She also said that “everyone is a stylist. Bryanboy answered that it was about comfort; “lifestyles are different now…women work insane schedules” so they need clothing that will go from day to night.  As someone that fits into that category, I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.



The conversation continued with comments about the future of fashion shows in the digital age, accessories on the runway, Yves St. Laurent’s Collection and John Galliano’s racist remarks. Diane brought up some major points including that shoes are really not accessories since a woman thinks about where she is going and if she will have to walk first before deciding the rest of her outfit. She also mentioned that 3D printing is big now and that if you don’t know what it is you will. When asked about the price of clothes going through the roof, Diane commented saying that her wrap dress “…was 86 dollars back in the day, now it’s about 400 dollars.” She explained that “things are different” and designers have more expenses. In the past, models would bring their own shoes to runway shows.


Moral of the story is that there are definitely trends happening but it is true that seemingly “anything goes” these days and everyone is simply adjusting to the rapid pace of change with the advent of the digital world in which we are living.




Malinda Knowles


NORDSTROM - Shop Fall Looks from Vince

Diane von Furstenberg and Camilla Morton’s New Fairy Tale Book: The Empress’s New Clothes


I remember when I first laid eyes on Diane’s collection, poking around the Fifth Floor at Bergdorf Goodman. I thought to myself, these prints are so cute, they kind of remind me of the 1970s. I ended up buying a blue dress that fit me like a glove and it is hard to fit my body perfectly.


My mother and grandmother were delighted to see it and asked who made it? I told them a new designer Diane von Furstenberg and received a chuckle from my mother. She explained that Diane was in no way a new designer; that she had been quite popular in the past with her iconic wrap dress.

Fast forward to today and I am still an avid DVF Fan. The clothes are so versatile; a number of pieces can go to work, a luncheon or a party.  And after reading Diane’s new fairy tale book, The Empress’s New Clothes, I see that this feeling has been shared among many people from the 1970s to today.


The book is based on the incredible life (and LOVE) of Diane von Furstenberg. It is written by a London-based fashion writer, Camilla Morton, and illustrated by The DVF Studio. I especially love this illustrated page of the Empress and her new clothes below.


I won’t spoil the book but I will say that it is no wonder that Diane is a global fashion icon, business mogul, president of CFDA, and an inspiration to women everywhere. She has a slew of awards and achievements, and has revolutionized the fashion world by making clothes ‘easy’ with her wrap dress still sold and worn today. I told Diane at her book signing event this week at Bergdorf’s that I wanted to have a brand like hers. She responded with cool confidence that I can “be the woman that I want to be.”


I am deeply moved and in awe of Diane von Furstenberg. This fairytale story based on Diane’s life is not just a fairytale. It is an inspirational piece for little girls and women alike, a tale of a princess with an entrepreneurial spirit and a few sample dresses in her suitcase. Congratulations Camilla and Diane, this is a book that I hope to pass down to future daughters in my family.

DVFsmilesDSC_7502Diane von FurstenbergJoshua Schulman, Diane von FurstenbergJajaNhandbagDSC_7774CannonHodgeBGBlogger


Yours Truly,


Malinda Knowles

Photo Credits: Jenny Kawa/BFAnyc.com

Copyright: ©BFA

International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference 2012: The Promise of Africa, The Power of the Mediterranean

Suzy Menkes Talks with Diane von Furstenberg

The International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference started this past Wednesday and ends today. Since 2001, it is the annual forum for business and creative leaders throughout the global luxury goods industry. Suzy Menkes, IHT’s Fashion Editor hosts the annual conference and attracts all the top talent in the world.

This year they talked mostly about economic development and fashion in the Mediterranean and throughout Africa. This year’s speakers included Omoyemi Akerele, Creative Director and Founder of Style House Files, a Fashion Creative Development Agency in Nigeria and Manolo Blahnik, one of the world’s most influential shoe designers. I’m glad the Conference is talking about cultures that aren’t always in the limelight.

I was a fly on the wall all week watching some of the sessions and keeping up with @IHTLuxury on twitter! Check out more about the conference here.



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