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The Consignment Bandwagon: I-Ella, Vintage Betsey Johnson Dress and Suzy Menkes

MalindaBetseyJohnsonDressSo after meeting Ella, founder of I-Ella.com, I decided to try the site and I love it! Who knew there were so many others that wear something once and never wear it again? We all have several items in our closet that probably have not seen the light of day for years! And it’s good stuff but either we just fell out of love with it, we’re over it because it had its “moment” or we just don’t go to enough cocktail or dinner parties. Whatever the reason, if you haven’t already, you should definitely jump on the consignment bandwagon. If you have nice designer pieces, why not get some cash instead of letting it sit in your closet for ages?

closetSuzy Menkes just recently announced that she will be auctioning her own private collection of goodies from Yves Saint Laurent to Christian Lacroix starting July 11 through Christie’s online. She admits that she hasn’t “thrown anything out of…[her]…wardrobe since 1964.” She continued saying “If I had a large open space in my home, I would dedicate it, like an art gallery, to my collection. But there is something sad about clothes laid in a tomb of trunks. They need to live again and this auction provides the opportunity for them to walk out in the sunshine, to dance the night away and to give someone else the joy that they gave to me.”

With that being said, check out I-Ella and my pink Betsey Johnson dress here.  jamie444 jamie666

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International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference 2012: The Promise of Africa, The Power of the Mediterranean

Suzy Menkes Talks with Diane von Furstenberg

The International Herald Tribune Luxury Conference started this past Wednesday and ends today. Since 2001, it is the annual forum for business and creative leaders throughout the global luxury goods industry. Suzy Menkes, IHT’s Fashion Editor hosts the annual conference and attracts all the top talent in the world.

This year they talked mostly about economic development and fashion in the Mediterranean and throughout Africa. This year’s speakers included Omoyemi Akerele, Creative Director and Founder of Style House Files, a Fashion Creative Development Agency in Nigeria and Manolo Blahnik, one of the world’s most influential shoe designers. I’m glad the Conference is talking about cultures that aren’t always in the limelight.

I was a fly on the wall all week watching some of the sessions and keeping up with @IHTLuxury on twitter! Check out more about the conference here.



Malinda Knowles