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Rainbow Sketch and Paula Cademartori Tatiana Bag


So, there are plenty of multicolored accessories this Spring/Summer 2016 season. I recently did an oil pastel sketch of a rainbow contrasted with rain. You know what they say, when it rains it pours but the sun has to come out eventually.

This Paula Cademartori Tatiana Bag has some of the same colors in the rainbow. She has a number of brightly colored accessories for the season. Check out the bag in the Fashion Shop and bring on the color!tatianabag



Malinda Frances Knowles

Pretty Blue Clouds



So, the weather has been a bit all over the place this Spring. But, hey, some days the sky is just gorgeous. I recently sketched some clouds and had some fun with oil pastels. I’ve been thinking about the sky, the universe, and clouds are just what came out. I always wonder about the universe and how big it is. There are so many stars and nature and the planet simply inspire me.




Malinda F. Knowles

Spring Fashion Sketch, Art Gifts and Therapy


As the weather starts to turn to winter, I am reminiscent of this past summer. And I am already looking forward to Spring 2016.

After having finished FIT, I’ve been on the grind working on some special projects including new artwork and fashion sketches. Art has been my therapy for years. I can get lost with a brush and some color.

Speaking of artwork, we’ve got some great prints that would make fabulous holiday gifts. We can also take your favorite print and make pillows, coffee mugs and other items. Head over to the artwork shop and inquire within for more info!



Malinda Knowles