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Black Pleated Tulle Skirt from “Sunset on a Florida Parking Lot” Collection

Hey everybody. So, I’ve worn this skirt once in and around town and I just love it. It is indeed from my “Sunset on a Florida Parking Lot” collection which you can see archived here. It’s light and fun and perfect for a night out. I have not been out on the town ever since a man attacked me and cracked my teeth. It will come one day soon, hopefully. I’ve also been wearing this perfect shade of red lipstick that I adore. It is perfect with an all black look. I might have too much black in my closet as I am honestly a New Yorker. Anyway, are you enjoying fashion month? So much to see and check out. Will be back soon.



Malinda Knowles


Last Call for the M2 “Sunset on a Florida Parking Lot” Collection

Hey there! So designing this collection was amazing and I am so proud of myself. As you may know, I designed a small spring/summer collection inspired by my Sunset on a Florida Parking Lot painting. Well, this is the last call before I make it an archived collection. 

In these photos, I am wearing the Sunset on a Florida Parking Lot skirt as well as bandeau top. They are both on sale and the sequin denim are great for the Fall. And, don’t worry about me, they always say “this too shall pass.”

What’s your favorite piece of the collection? 

Photo Credit: Sergey Yusin



Malinda F. Knowles