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Holiday Gifting Sale in RedBubble Shop

Hey guys, how was your day? It’s almost officially the Holiday season and however you might celebrate… you may need a creative and one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones. Some of these items are available in the artwork shop but even more merchandise is available in my Redbubble shop. And the more you buy, the bigger the discount. Right now, everything in my Redbubble shop is 20-60% off. Say bye to boring, monotonous holiday gifts and prepare to be asked where did you get that?

  1. Walk to the Beach cell phone cases
  2. Flowers Everyday clock
  3. Funky Graffiti Wall pouch (email me at info@malindaknowles.net to order)
  4. Sunset on a Florida Parking Lot greeting cards
  5. Flowers Everyday greeting cards
  6. Flowers Everyday mouse pad

And even more!! Check out the shop now.



Malinda F. Knowles

A Few Sketches

Hey! So what’s going on? I’ve been caught up with some of my own issues in life. Lot of rumors going around- be careful with jealous people especially in your own family. But, anyway, do you like some of these sketches? They are from the past and I have some sketches inspired by my Bob Marley “Songs of Freedom” painting. Many have told me that they love the painting and would definitely be interested in seeing some of my products inspired by the painting. Would you? If so, send me a message or comment below. Am looking for an angel investor. Let me know if you know one. Have a good night!



Malinda F. Knowles

Flowers Everyday

(c) Malinda Knowles, “Flowers Everyday”

I completed a new painting entitled “Flowers Everyday.” There’s nothing to kick up the romance like fresh flowers everyday. And, don’t we all want some love. Anyway, you can grab some cool items that feature this painting if you like it. And there’s even more here (t-shirts, etc). Enjoy!



Malinda F. Knowles

Wear Your Favorite Painting on Your Nails by Miho Kawajiri

Lily Pond, Art by Malinda Knowles
Lily Pond, by Malinda Knowles

This week Japanese nail artist Miho “Mei” Kawajiri interpreted one of my paintings on my nails and I must say her work is amazing. I met her in at Su’juk, a vintage clothing store in Brooklyn where she does nails every Monday and Thursday. She took one quick look at my Lily Pond painting and got to work on my nails right away with an impressive arsenal of Japanese colored gels and brushes.


Mei and I were both in a hurry so she interpreted my Lily Pond painting on two fingers on each hand. We said that one of these days soon when we have more time, she’ll do even more detail. If she can do this in a hurry, what can she do when she is not in a hurry?


Well, check out some of her other work. On her nails, is a work that she terms “nude” and  the below is Mei’s favorite, inspired by 83-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, known for painting polka dots on naked models.

Infinity Mirror Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life


Mei has been doing nails for twelve years and has been in the United States for five months. She said she came to New York because she wanted a “challenge” and is currently working on a nail sticker line with goscratchit.com that will be available in Fall 2013.  She has worked with celebrities such as Eve and will be doing nails at Metropolitan Museum of Art, PS1 for their Vanity Project event March 9th from 12-6 PM.

Catch her also at Valley downtown or at Su’juk in Brooklyn during the week. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Yours Truly,


Malinda Knowles

Wearable Art Inspiration: Charlotte Olympia’s Hand-Painted Shoes at Art Basel Miami Beach

Part of being an artist is seeing beauty in the unconventional just like Alexander McQueen says in his quote. For those of you who have just started following, I am beginning to develop concepts for my own fashion brand inspired by my artwork. Eventually I’ll have all of my artwork up here for you to view, but in the meantime you can view a partial showing of one of my pieces here.

In any case, I am annoyed that I am back in New York early from Thanksgiving (because of class and work) and not in Florida. But, like I said a few weeks ago, if you can, get down to Miami this weekend for Art Basel!

Charlotte Olympia has teamed with contemporary artist Boyarde to hand-paint shoes that feature famous works of art from artists such as Mondrian, Pollock, Picasso and more. She will be debuting the heels this weekend at Art Basel Miami and the limited-edition heels will only be available for sale at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbor, FL. Check out a few of them below.

(Images: Boyarde)
Malinda Knowles