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“Party’s Here!” Jersey Shore Snooki Launches Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi


This week I attended the launching of Snooki Couture, a new beauty line by Nicole Polizzi. You might be thinking Snooki Couture? But for Nicole it doesn’t necessarily mean high end or exclusive fashions. She says that “when you think of ‘couture’ you think of expensive…but ‘couture’  means mature and classy.”

When I spoke with Nicole, she kept reitirating how she is now more mature but likes to remain “sexy” even using this one word to describe her new fragrance. She told me that being a mom “changes your life” and her new son is “her whole world.”

So, what to expect from this new line? Scented top coat. Holiday Glitter. Neons. Fun. Bows. Nicole and I recommend “Party’s Here,” a glittery silver to go along with your sparkly hot New Year Eve’s party dress. I’m definitely going to try it.

You can pick up some of the shades and fragrance at Perfumania, where they will be exclusively sold and Nicole will be signing bottles personally November 19th.

While getting my nails done in a magenta purplish color called “Smush That,” I met Alisha Clark of E! who had her nails done in “Moneymaker Green,” a shimmery green color from Nicole’s line.

Nicole says fashion design are what’s next for her, styling the crew below. Let’s see how far this pint sized Jersey girl can go!


Hyper Smash

This Gold Skirt at Dolce and Gabbana

Was on the Upper East Side yesterday… and wandered into the Dolce and Gabbana store. It felt like I was throwing myself back to some kind of modern roman society with kings, knights and princesses. But I found some great stuff nonetheless!

This beautiful sequined gold skirt stood out in regality and completely caught my attention right away. It was paired with an amazing white blouse and let me tell you, this is for that woman that wants all eyes on her with her first step in the room!


Your “Fashionably-Late,”

Malinda Knowles

Michelle Obama: Fashion Icon, A Tribute To The Last Four Years of Style

Greetings folks!

Today is election day and I hope each and every one of you goes out and votes! Whether by email, going to the poll or finding an “army” truck in NJ to make it happen- just make sure you vote today!

I’d like to pay a tribute to the last four years of Michelle Obama’s style. It seems that we haven’t paid this much attention to what our First Lady is wearing  since Jackie Kennedy Onassis was in the White House!

Our economy was a sinking ship before Obama took office and it has seemed to stabilize a bit with GDP and the DJIA up a bit since the market crash of 2009. However, things are still pretty rough.

According to the Harvard Business Review, Professor David Yermack of NYU’s Stern School found that following public appearances between 2008-2009, Michelle Obama created $2.7 billion in cumulative abnormal returns for fashion and retail companies associated with what she wore.

Professor Yermack also states brands chosen by Obama gain about 2.3% in value which by the way, is more than Sarah Jessica Parker at about .5%. 

Let’s take a look back at some of her great looks over the past four years!

Jason Wu
Peter Sororen
Jason Wu