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Do These Sequined Numbers for the Holidays

So, it’s that time of the year again. Happy Holidays everyone! As you shape up  your plans and outfits, check out a few of these bedazzling numbers to get you glowing at your next holiday event!

Love these black shorts Halston Heritage sequined black shorts (on sale for $98).


Do it with a cardigan, a sweater, a jacket or a really nice blouse like this Chanel look with black sequined shorts from 2007 and Beyoncé from the Grammy Awards last year.















I’m also in love with these wintery white sequined Herve Leger dresses. They are absolutely gorgeous, and not to mention the Pink Sequined Bandage Dress is 50% off! 




















Finish it off with sparkly nails… I love Metallic 4 Life from the Nicki Minaj OPI Collection. It’s on my toes and I adore them. Also, try Snooki’s new Party’s Here, seen here.




Malinda Knowles

“Party’s Here!” Jersey Shore Snooki Launches Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi


This week I attended the launching of Snooki Couture, a new beauty line by Nicole Polizzi. You might be thinking Snooki Couture? But for Nicole it doesn’t necessarily mean high end or exclusive fashions. She says that “when you think of ‘couture’ you think of expensive…but ‘couture’  means mature and classy.”

When I spoke with Nicole, she kept reitirating how she is now more mature but likes to remain “sexy” even using this one word to describe her new fragrance. She told me that being a mom “changes your life” and her new son is “her whole world.”

So, what to expect from this new line? Scented top coat. Holiday Glitter. Neons. Fun. Bows. Nicole and I recommend “Party’s Here,” a glittery silver to go along with your sparkly hot New Year Eve’s party dress. I’m definitely going to try it.

You can pick up some of the shades and fragrance at Perfumania, where they will be exclusively sold and Nicole will be signing bottles personally November 19th.

While getting my nails done in a magenta purplish color called “Smush That,” I met Alisha Clark of E! who had her nails done in “Moneymaker Green,” a shimmery green color from Nicole’s line.

Nicole says fashion design are what’s next for her, styling the crew below. Let’s see how far this pint sized Jersey girl can go!


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