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Stopped by Bergdorf Goodman this Week to see Manolo Blahnik Unveil his Spring BB Collection


This week I stopped by Mahnolo Blahnik’s unveiling of his exclusive Spring BB Collection at Bergdorf Goodman. Impeccably dressed and wearing some beautiful blue shoes himself, he signed autographs and shoes for customers while attendees toasted champagne and nibbled on macaroons. Especially made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex and the City, Manolo Blahnik has become a household name since joining the Bergdorf family in 1987.


Manolo wanted his classic BB pump, inspired by 1950s fashion and Brigitte Bardot, to remain sleek, simple and elegant. And, it comes and it definitely does! It comes in all kinds of colors and would probably have gone great with my Alexander McQueen dragonfly leggings. Check out more of the BB Collection here.




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