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Putting Together Some Fashion Week Outfits and Rummaging in My Closet

i-ella-fashion-closetSo as Fashion Month is upon us I have gotten my calendar together and have to just put together those outfits. My closet is full of clothes and shoes and bags. Some that have hardly ever been worn. Some are my ‘faves’ and well, are in need of retirement. Rummaging through my closet became a sort of fun shopping experience. It was like my clothes and I became re-acquainted after some time. I pulled out that amazing winter fur vest and actually started to get excited for cooler weather.

img-thingI also began to realize that although there is much to do about ‘fall’ this and that. Fall just isn’t here yet. And that’s why they have pre-fall. 🙂 Anyway, I came across this amazing pre-fall Herve Leger number inspired by African prints. It’s too much like a Herve skirt from a few years back so I’m not going for it but it surely is beautiful.


By the way, have you seen the fashion shop? It’s updated.

All in all, since it’s still about 90 degrees outside this is the perfect time to catch some pre-fall fashion and sales!

Have you been looking? You absolutely must check out these sales. Peep the list. Everyone seems to be having one.

  1. Nordstrom is having an end-of-summer clearance
  2. Forzieri is having a warehouse sale (great accessories there). They also have a 20% code for new Fall stuff
  3. Boutique1 has some cute shorts and bikinis on sale
  4. Rag & Bone is having a great sale. Not to mention this great palm tree shirt. If it doesn’t scream summer, I don’t know what does.

Happy shopping and let’s enjoy the last days of summer.



Malinda F. Knowles

Stopped by The Rush Arts Gallery This Weekend for the Closing Reception of Physically Practiced


This weekend I stopped by the Chelsea Rush Arts Gallery in a hot orange jumper (similar here) to catch the tail end of their Physically Practiced Performance and Closing Reception. Artist MarIo [Or Am I] Platypus went from painting a wall with interpretive language to actually frying a fish in a performance art dance. The studio also features artwork from artists Samson Contompasis, Musa Hixson, John Lee, and Jonathan Villoch (Depoe). The artists all incorporated movement into their work whether it be martial arts, breakdancing or simply meditating on dirt from the earth. I just loved Samson Contompasis and Jonathan Villoch’s pop art portraits of real women (pictured above) which he is using to raise awareness of women’s rights. And they displayed John Lee’s jump suit and a video of him literally break dancing and painting at the same time.

I met Curator Charlotte Mouquin, her team and photographer Greg who were all too gracious in having me at the studio. Charlotte and her team posed for a quick photo below after the event. Fried fish, breakdancing and painting simultaneously. Great stuff at the Rush Arts Gallery this past weekend.






Malinda Knowles

Borrowing from African Prints for Spring 2013

So last year I picked up a dress that would fall under the “Tribal” trend and absolutely adore it. On brown skin, bright-colored prints look absolutely amazing. Now it seems everyone is onto the trend and we are seeing the prints everywhere. This “tribal” trend is really just borrowed from the beautiful and colorful African prints worn for centuries all over the African continent. And all of its regality, pomp and circumstance, and not to mention masterful headpieces have been noticed by the rest of the world and can’t be missed for Spring 2013.

trendy african fashion 2013

There are a slew of African and non-African designers to go to for these beautiful garments, I can’t even list them all, but I’m really liking Boxing Kitten and Peter Pilotto for some of these great prints. See below for more inspiration including an old African inspired photo of myself in a headwrap taken several years ago downtown.

133_513214616648_463_nGwen in African PrintSolange




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