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Stopped by The Rush Arts Gallery This Weekend for the Closing Reception of Physically Practiced


This weekend I stopped by the Chelsea Rush Arts Gallery in a hot orange jumper (similar here) to catch the tail end of their Physically Practiced Performance and Closing Reception. Artist MarIo [Or Am I] Platypus went from painting a wall with interpretive language to actually frying a fish in a performance art dance. The studio also features artwork from artists Samson Contompasis, Musa Hixson, John Lee, and Jonathan Villoch (Depoe). The artists all incorporated movement into their work whether it be martial arts, breakdancing or simply meditating on dirt from the earth. I just loved Samson Contompasis and Jonathan Villoch’s pop art portraits of real women (pictured above) which he is using to raise awareness of women’s rights. And they displayed John Lee’s jump suit and a video of him literally break dancing and painting at the same time.

I met Curator Charlotte Mouquin, her team and photographer Greg who were all too gracious in having me at the studio. Charlotte and her team posed for a quick photo below after the event. Fried fish, breakdancing and painting simultaneously. Great stuff at the Rush Arts Gallery this past weekend.






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