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Christmas Sweater Happy Hour at The Office


Happy Thursday and Happy Holidays everyone! I have been working a lot recently but was able to catch a Holiday Happy Hour at the office. The theme of course-ugly Christmas Sweaters! Everyone had on their favorite overdone Christmas sweater and we had fun. They had shots of Peppermint Smirnoff and Godiva Chocolate Liquer with whipped cream. I didn’t try one but I heard they were good. They also had a charcuterie tray, chips and cookies too. If you are invited to one of these, there’s a few sweaters below that will make you the star of the party (below). 



Malinda F. Knowles


Do These Sequined Numbers for the Holidays

So, it’s that time of the year again. Happy Holidays everyone! As you shape up  your plans and outfits, check out a few of these bedazzling numbers to get you glowing at your next holiday event!

Love these black shorts Halston Heritage sequined black shorts (on sale for $98).


Do it with a cardigan, a sweater, a jacket or a really nice blouse like this Chanel look with black sequined shorts from 2007 and Beyoncé from the Grammy Awards last year.















I’m also in love with these wintery white sequined Herve Leger dresses. They are absolutely gorgeous, and not to mention the Pink Sequined Bandage Dress is 50% off! 




















Finish it off with sparkly nails… I love Metallic 4 Life from the Nicki Minaj OPI Collection. It’s on my toes and I adore them. Also, try Snooki’s new Party’s Here, seen here.




Malinda Knowles