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Coterie Spring 2016

Zac Posen

I have to say that I was a little disappointed in what I found this year at ENK Coterie for Spring 2016. There wasn’t that much to choose from or of interest. The shows were cool but let’s be frank, some of the best we saw from New York Fashion Week was the Givenchy show. Anyway, I did stumble upon some cute finds, saw lots of color and sequins (everywhere). Sequins and fringe. That’s definitely going to be big for next year’s spring season.

I also came across Chiara Ferragni’s new shoe collection. It’s very colorful and playful. Some it was a bit too loud for me. Cupcakes and Cashmere launched a new clothing line for Spring 2016. I had no idea she was doing clothing but guess so. I couldn’t get photos though because they hadn’t been released yet but these samples were really cool.

Take a look at what I found!

Paper London
Essential Antwerp
Tart Collection
Via Spiga



DJB Co., Ltd.
DJB Co., Ltd.


Dee Keller
Dee Keller
Le Babe
Le Babe



Malinda Knowles

Brunch and Cocktail Reception for U.S. Debut and Upcoming European Launch of LXRCO


This week I met the Blonde Salad Chiara Ferragni who hosted the official U.S. debut and upcoming European Launch of  LXR & CO at Empire Hotel. We were both wearing bright red lipstick and the red hat Chiari had on was to die for. I had on the usual work gear, a wool skirt from MaxMara, black blouse from MaxMara and a grey Zara jacket. We took a break for brunch from Lincoln across the street at Empire Hotel and it was great. We ate lobster rolls, steak and veggie skewers, crab cakes, mimosas and more.

LXR & CO specializes in the online sale of vintage luxury good products where members can get designer labels at up to 80% off. So, bottom line, if you’ve got a great bag that you just don’t really use anymore, sell it to them and make some money. Or, on the flip side, get a beautiful handbag for less!