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Brunch and Cocktail Reception for U.S. Debut and Upcoming European Launch of LXRCO


This week I met the Blonde Salad Chiara Ferragni who hosted the official U.S. debut and upcoming European Launch of  LXR & CO at Empire Hotel. We were both wearing bright red lipstick and the red hat Chiari had on was to die for. I had on the usual work gear, a wool skirt from MaxMara, black blouse from MaxMara and a grey Zara jacket. We took a break for brunch from Lincoln across the street at Empire Hotel and it was great. We ate lobster rolls, steak and veggie skewers, crab cakes, mimosas and more.

LXR & CO specializes in the online sale of vintage luxury good products where members can get designer labels at up to 80% off. So, bottom line, if you’ve got a great bag that you just don’t really use anymore, sell it to them and make some money. Or, on the flip side, get a beautiful handbag for less!