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On My Weekend Bucket List: A Magnolia Cupcake


So yesterday I did some shooting in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and found myself starving. So, I stumbled into a cute little corner place that looked delicious Pies and Thighs. I don’t know if it’s the title or the thought of chicken thighs but it grabbed me. I had to wait outside and found a tiny spot on the bench but man, was it worth the wait. It’s been beautiful out these last summer days, so make sure to enjoy it! I rarely talk about food on the blog but I just have to rave about Pies and Thighs. So I had the Chicken and Waffles. I know, chicken and waffles. Everyone serves chicken and waffles. But they had buckwheat waffles with cinnamon butter and poached blueberries. I’ve dreamed about it ever since I had it.

Anyway, I’m all about grabbing a Magnolia Bakery cupcake (or two lol) this weekend. Have a great weekend!




Malinda F. Knowles