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Self-Care during Stressful Times

So, a lot going on right now. It’s important during stressful times to take care of yourself even if it’s a really small thing that you do. Yesterday, I jogged in the park with my dog and it was an absolutely gorgeous day in Florida. It helped to unplug a bit and enjoy nature. So I thought making a list of things you can do to “self-care” during these times might be helpful.

  1. Take some time off from watching the news and other media
  2. Go jogging or walking in the nearest park
  3. If you’re creative, take some time to paint or sketch. You can do this with the whole family.
  4. Take a bubble bath
  5. Light a lovely aromatherapy candle. I really like those from Paddywax
  6. Cook or bake something new, this can also be a family activity
  7. Great time for game night in the house with your partner or family

What are some of the ways you’ve been able to cope with everything going on? 



Malinda F. Knowles