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Face Masks Could Keep Us Warm in the Winter


Being that we’re having one of the roughest winters in the city for the past few years, face masks¬†could actually be the thing to keep us warm. When the Polar Vortex hit and it was about 9 degrees with a wind chill of -20, I saw many people trying to cover their faces with a scarf or pull down a hood. But, let’s face it. Our faces were cold. According to Daily Mail UK and other reports, Chinese women have worn face masks for years to protect themselves from the sun. Supposedly for them it’s about status and skin color. But, what if it was simply a fashion statement?

givenchybeautyGivenchy and Martin Maison Margiela have debuted these interesting looks on the runway and like it or not, face masks have to be one of the most creative trends we’ve seen in the past few years. Kanye West¬†wore face masks on his Yeezus concert tour. He is never one to shy away from a new trend but hey, would you try it? Assuming you can see through them, they stretch and are somewhat comfortable, face masks might be a new way to go. And, if they can keep us warm in 20 below Polar Vortex wind chill factors, why not?



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