English Rose Sequined Shorts Remix

It’s getting warmer here in South Florida and that means shorts weather. I pulled out these English Rose sequined shorts that I bought some time ago from a boutique in Soho, New York. I was just thinking how much I appreciate small boutiques. You find some of the most unique items to add to your wardrobe! FARFETCH is supporting boutiques around the world with increased visibility, help running their business and a cut to the boutique cost to use their platform by 25%. Take a look at the sale here.

But, anyway, I love these shorts but honestly didn’t get to wear them that much in New York because of the weather. But I’ve kept them and gave my outfit some pizazz with them today. Changed it up and wore them with sneakers. They can easily be dressed up and down. What have you been wearing to run your “essential” errands?



      Malinda F. Knowles