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Micas Delivery

Hey y’all, how have you been? I’ve been working, going through old things and facing some serious challenges. There are religious and cultural wars going on and it seems people want to be at war with me. I have always loved fashion and art, but it seems when I paint or create …there is a battle. I try not to become some kind of ‘angry black woman’ but domestic violence, rape, assault, and abuse should never be widely promoted or accepted. 

I find myself asking questions as to why government or the police would ignore such a thing. But, yea, all is not bad. I recently became a fan of Micas even though the first time I ordered from them, my package was lost. They have some cute clothing, great for the summer. 

What have yall been up to? Are you getting these vibes from the world as well?



Malinda F. Knowles