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Cute Looks from VOGUE Bambini Show: Petite Parade March 2013




When I was a little girl my mom and grandmother would buy some of my clothes. But they made most of my clothes, especially for special occasions. I had handmade Christmas and Easter dresses, birthday party numbers to make the other kids jealous, and let’s not even talk about high school.

As a kid I remember like my 9th birthday dress; the flashiest yellow, orange, red and black 80s dress you’ve ever seen. And I can’t forget an amazingly beautiful red pea coat I wore to Christmas Eve Church Service when I was 4 years old. I paid some attention to what I wore but I think I  was more concerned with my Barbie and her accessories!

Anyway, it would’ve been great to have had a VOGUE Bambini Show/Petite Parade back then. Cute is an understatement to describe these kids on the runway. In a red peplum top and black leather pants above, Fatima Ptacek, voice of Dora the Explorer and actress from Oscar award-winning short film Curfew walks in the Bonnie Young Fall/Winter 2013 Petite Parade Fashion Show. And several other kids shine with playful poses on the runway. Check out designs from Silvia Heach, Pale Cloud, Ki6 and more. Doesn’t it just make you want to be a kid again?






Malinda Knowles

Photo Credit: Richard Renda / Totally Cool ®