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First Food Trucks now Retail Fashion Boutiques on Wheels?

So CNN recently did an article on a new budding trend- retail fashion trucks. I must say food trucks in New York City are rampant, you can’t turn a corner in Manhattan without running into one especially at lunchtime. But, retail fashion boutique trucks I have not yet seen. So far we just have street vendors and Chinatown but I have a feeling that New York might just be crawling with these soon enough.

The concept? Lower start-up prices for aspiring store and boutique owners. According to the CNN article, Abigail Franklin, owner of The Trunk, described their value in saying “we can bring our products to you instead of waiting for you to come to us.” She bought her truck on Craigslist for $25,000 and has been truckin ever since. Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo, founders of Le Fashion Truck in Los Angeles, pay about $1500 in monthly business expenses (before inventory) as opposed to $7000 for a LA rental retail space.

Apart from tiny fitting rooms and weather hang-ups, seems like a great idea. Now I wonder how this could translate to New York City. What do you think?

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Malinda Knowles