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Future of E-Commerce

So, years ago I said I wanted my own brick and mortar store to sell some of my designs and art merchandise. Well, I am not upset that I never opened a store (not to say it might not be in my future) but for now, e-commerce is great.

Did you know that by 2026, 24% of retail purchases will be done online?  The global e-commerce market is expected to total over $8.1 trillion dollars by 2026. No one can argue that online shopping isn’t easy even though folks abandon their shopping carts over shipping fees or slow delivery times. Amazon has the highest market share of all e-commerce accounting for about 38% of all online sales. Next come Walmart, eBay and Target.1

I’m almost positive that 2020’s Covid epidemic also boosted online sales as many people tried to avoid interacting with others. And, of course, Cyber Monday and Black Friday seriously grows every year. Last year, Adobe Analytics reported a record $9.8 billion in Black Friday sales and $12.4 billion for Cyber Monday.2 Anyone selling anything these days would be foolish not to also sell online.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the in-store experience will always be there. Trying things on, having a sales associate fetch a different size or help style you will always have its appeal. But as we go about this thing called life, I would have to say, getting a package in the mail excites me just as much or even more than going into stores. What do you prefer?



Malinda Frances Knowles

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