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As SS17 Comes In…




As the weather changes and gives way to Fall, let’s remember this awesome Spring and Summer that we had this year. And let’s get excited about the new Spring collections for next year debuting this month.

I remember this shoot I did some time ago in the Spring where I wore a Bebe white skirt and top. It’s a great outfit for the office to the afterwork spot. And those sunglasses are fabulous even for now as the seasons change.

Turquoise looks great on my skin tone. You have to pay attention to what colors look great for you. I’ve worn this outfit so many times, check out more work outfits here!


Photo Credit: Jamie Nelson



Malinda F. Knowles

5 Things a Fashionista Can Do Around Tax Time

It’s that time of the year folks. If you haven’t done your taxes already, you better get to it, you have a bout a month.

What to do? Well you’re either getting a refund, getting nothing or paying up. So here are a few tips for whatever situation you might have.

1. Have to pay up? Now is a great to do some spring cleaning in your closet. Make some money and sell off those old handbags or clothes you haven’t worn in over a year to a consignment shop. There are plenty around and even online (i.e. I-Ella.com, or LXR & Co).

2. You can also give those old clothes and even pieces of furniture to charity for a tax deduction.

3. Getting a refund? Well you can save it in the bank if you don’t have your 3-6 months of emergency reserves. Or, you can save it in a mid to long-term vehicle like a brokerage account, cash value life insurance or an IRA.

4. Been saving all year? Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with a gift from the new spring collections.

5. Plan a vacation. Cheap or not. It’s always great to get away. Make sure to take a new bikini and sunglasses with you.

Whether you’re paying up or getting a refund, make sure to carefully review your taxes with not just an accountant, but a financial professional to ensure that you’re not missing any opportunities to save.