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Inspiration: Hellessy Embellished Denim

A brand named Hellessy caught my eye recently on the Neiman Marcus site. The embellished denim trend has been going on for quite some time now and I just thought this denim shirt and ribbon detailed jeans stood out. Sylvie Millstein started the brand out of her Soho apartment after working with other brands and retailers around the world. Don’t you just love the detail?

This beautiful velvet red rose on denim walked the runway for Fall/Winter 2023. Isn’t it just gorgeous?


She also did these fringed jeans for Winter 2021. We all wear denim, why not spice it up and stand out from the crowd? And don’t forget that Yves Saint Laurent denim handbag with gold hardwear in the fashion shop. Seriously, I have put it to work. It is truly a fabulous investment piece.

Anyway, I am truly inspired by the trend. So much so that you may remember my M2 “Sunset on a Florida Parking Lot” Embellished Denim from a few years ago. It’s always great to experiment with everyday basics.



Malinda F. Knowles