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One Dark Night

So not too long ago I went out wearing that Leau black romper and had a great time dancing to salsa. I love the summer because we can all let our hair down and enjoy the night without having to wear a coat. Unfortunately, that night I was attacked by a man in an alleged racially motivated incident. Most of the time, police are there to protect you but they aren’t perfect. Subsequently, I started hearing and seeing all kinds of things. I ended up being forced to a hospital where they did not protect me from COVID-19. So now I am recovering and contemplating the fate of this world. Been listening to Solange Knowles “Weary” song from her A Seat at the Table album.

Can you believe something like this would happen in 2021? Have you ever been mistreated like this? And what do you think of the world and our universe today? 



Malinda F. Knowles