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Tibi Asymmetric Yellow Skirt in Downtown Miami

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday. So believe it or not, the temperature can drop in Florida. LOL It gets into the 50s sometimes. Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s nothing. But this wool yellow Tibi assymetric skirt (similar here) and black cashmere sweater (similar here and on sale) are just the thing for those winter days in Florida. There’s not that many winter days in Florida but you get the point!

I paired the outfit with my classic vintage Prada booties and loved it. This is actually an outfit you can take to the office and out for drinks at happy hour if you so please. And if you’re up north, yellow will definitely give you a little energy in the midst of all that grey and snow.

Anyway, happy 2019! Check out more photos below!

Photo Credit: Sergey Yusin



      Malinda F. Knowles