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Smaller, Standout Collections From New York Fashion Week SS 16

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.27.58 PMSo New York Fashion Week has come and gone and I, of course, got a little cold trying to keep up with everything. But, anyway, I came across a few amazing collections and just had to share them with you.

  1. Alexandra Frida from the NetherlandsĀ seen at FTL Moda SS 16 Show at Grand Central. The makeup and hair was amazing and the bright colors are to die for
  2. Tanya Taylor. Didn’t see the presentation but I’m totally in awe of her designs. And you can pre-order them right now!!
  3. Gregorio Sanchez from Mexico seen at Art Hearts Fashion SS 16 Runway show. He successfully paired black and white tile patterns with neon, floral prints. Not easy to pull off. Bravo.
  4. Angel Sanchez. He just sent pretty, colorful, feminine dresses down the runway and well we probably could all use one of those Spring dresses.

Those are a few. Who were you enthralled by this New York Fashion Week?



Malinda F. Knowles