Nana and Mommy: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey there, how are you? So Mother’s Day is coming up soon on May 12th and although I am not yet a Mom, it’s precious to give birth to someone else. I hear it’s the kind of love that you just won’t have for anyone else. I used to spend summers wth my grandmother in Florida and we had the best of times. I miss her dearly and am lucky enough to still have my mom. There’s no one like a Mom. 


So, are you planning anything special? Whether you are buying for your wife, sister, daughter or your own Mom, above are some great gift ideas. Nordstrom has plenty of other gifts here. Make sure to enjoy the time you have with your mom, grandmother or great-grandmother. You just never know what might happen and you might miss them for a lifetime. Below is my grandmother or Nana, as I used to call her. She’s looking down on me now. Anyway, enjoy Mother’s Day!



Malinda F. Knowles