Summer Mood and Civil Disobedience

So I’ve been feeling a little disillusioned with the things going on in the world recently. From terrorist attacks to police shootings, racism and even this current political season, it’s all quite overwhelming. Every day we seem to hear about police killing young black men and not facing any consequences. And hateful rhetoric should never be heard from a political candidate. With all this being said, I’ve made my voice heard through peaceful protest and communication with my political representatives. Taking action is the best solution so I put together a little list that may help (if you haven’t done them already).

  1. Register to vote and show up Tuesday, November 8th to your local poll. This is beyond important. People have died and gone through hell just to make sure everyone has the right to vote.
  2. Contact your local politician and make your voices heard.
  3. Sign a petition. There’s a million out there but you can start with the White House.

This is just a start. May love, peace and justice prevail.


Malinda F. Knowles