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Tibi Asymmetric Yellow Skirt in Downtown Miami

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday. So believe it or not, the temperature can drop in Florida. LOL It gets into the 50s sometimes. Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s nothing. But this wool yellow Tibi assymetric skirt (similar here) and black cashmere sweater (similar here and on sale) are just the thing for those winter days in Florida. There’s not that many winter days in Florida but you get the point!

I paired the outfit with my classic vintage Prada booties and loved it. This is actually an outfit you can take to the office and out for drinks at happy hour if you so please. And if you’re up north, yellow will definitely give you a little energy in the midst of all that grey and snow.

Anyway, happy 2019! Check out more photos below!

Photo Credit: Sergey Yusin



      Malinda F. Knowles     

DezignNation Struts Miami Drive-In Fashion Show

I recently attended the Struts Miami Fashion Show by DezignNation (founded by Aguy Smith) and was completely blown away by Project Runway finalist Laurence Basse’s designs as well as a few other local designers. I had never been to a ‘drive-in’ fashion show but it was actually kind of convenient because it was cool in Florida that night.

I wore my Catherine Malandrino leather pants (similar below), a Club Monaco sweater and my Steve Madden sneaker heels. The show was in a parking garage and featured designs from House of Roxy B., Over a Trillion Served and more. They also had wine and pies from Pink Pie available at the show as well. 




Malinda F. Knowles

Winter Comfort: My Big Fuzzy Cow Print Sweater, Sweatshirts and $150 Giveaway


New York Fashion Week is off to the races. And with current weather conditions, you might slip and fall on the ice while you make your way to wherever you’re going. So, why not an amazing sweater or sweatshirt? Who doesn’t love a big fuzzy sweater? I am in love with my big fuzzy Raga cow print sweater. It’s warm, it’s comfortable. What more could I ask for?


This comfortable trend has really taken over with everyone from Alexander McQueen to Tibi cranking out designer sweatshirts and sweaters to rock in funky street styledom (best with some leather pants or black jeans like my J Brand jeans in the photo).


So bundle up, ENTER TO WIN A $150 E GIFT CARD and get yourself a new comfy sweater! CONGRATULATIONS DEBBIE K!! Thanks to everyone for participating!


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Malinda Knowles

Steve Madden