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Jay-Z does “Picasso Baby” as Performance Art at the Pace Gallery


Yesterday, Jay-Z was a work of art. Performance art, that is. He performed Picasso Baby and interacted with the crowd for six hours at the Pace Gallery.


Jay-Z raps about his appreciation for the art world. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics;

Sleeping every night next to Mona Lisa
The modern-day version
With better features
Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner
Go ahead lean on that **** Blue
You own it

Good times. Check out video here.



Malinda Knowles

Absolut Open Canvas Art Event in Brooklyn


Talk about street art. This past weekend I stopped by the Absolut Vodka Open Canvas Event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where artists Olek, Katsu and others transformed a whole street into an art display. Ice sculptures, knitted bikes, and graffiti filled the street and it was kind of amazing.

It was also really hot outside! Summer finally hit New York and I stayed cool in a white bustier, a white lace skirt and jewelry from various places including I-Ella’s List and Lea Jefferson. Absolut Vodka stirred up some great cocktails and I was able to meet Olek and her friend, the first person I’ve ever spotted wearing the new Google glasses! Check out more photos from the event below.

DSC00279DSC00262 - Version 2DSC00259 DSC00258 DSC00285

Open Canvas_Absolut_malindaknowlesnetDSC00293 Olek_Friend_Google Glasses_malindaknowlesnet  DSC00269 Olek_Art_malindaknowlesnet Katsu Graffiti_malindaknowlesnetDSC00274Malinda Knowles at Open Canvas DSC00257

Sincerely Yours,


Malinda Knowles

House of Holland

Summer is in the Air: Waves, Water and that Perfect Maxi Dress for a Hamptons Weekend

Malinda Knowles at beach in Florida
I was looking at some old Instagram photos of an amazing time I had on the beach last Memorial Day Weekend and decided to share a few. I just can’t wait for the weather to fully warm up in New York City and for a few Hamptons weekends. As an original native of Florida, I live for the beach (only the good ones though) and I adore cute summer sandals, hats, bikinis, maxi dresses and jumpers. As I finalize my summer plans and get out of these final exams at FIT, I am absolutely looking forward to summer this year! Instagram by Malinda Knowles, Jupiter Beach Florida

Here’s an old painting of a beach wave that I did some time ago but I’m challenging myself to do better than that and get a bit more depth and contour in the wave and ocean water. As I said before, all of my artwork should be up on the blog before the summer is over.

Acrylic Wave Painting by Malinda Knowles

Anyway, I love a good maxi dress for the summer and spotted some new ones recently that seem great for that Florida or Hamptons summer vacation weekend. Check out a few below from Tibi, Roberto Cavalli, and Diane von Furstenberg. See even more summer wear here.


Sincerely Yours,


Malinda Knowles

Eila Mell Chats with Project Runway Contestants Regarding Her New Book at The National Arts Club

Eila Mell New Book Signing

This weekend I attended a discussion moderated by stylist David Zyla on Eila Mell’s new book Project Runway: The Show That Changed Fashion at the National Arts Club in Gramercy. Her new book about the Project Runway show talks about how the show started, developed and what the designers are doing now. Project Runway contestants Andrae GonzaloESosa and Viktor Luna joined them to talk about their experiences on the show, after the show and in the fashion world in general. Eila is the New York editor and on-air correspondent of fashionWATCH Canada and has written several other fashion books including New York Fashion Week: The Designers, the Models the Fashions of the Bryant Park Era.

Project Runway Book Signing_malindaknowlesnet

ESosa said that the biggest thing he learned from the show was to “follow his guts” and Viktor shared that he learned a lot about gossip in that “…whatever we put into the work is what we get back.” He continued saying that it was like the “real world…you don’t rest..[and]…you are always comparing yourself to them but you stay true to yourself.” They also shared how they are not able to keep or sell any of their creations on the show and that they are also not allowed to speak with family or friends unless it’s on speaker phone and on camera. Andrae shared that he had to ‘talk to’ the producer and throw a fit just to talk to his boyfriend.


Eila and Viktor have collaborated on a new reality tv show called “No Wire Hangers” where Viktor gives fashion and tailoring tips to “…some really great people on the show.” They said that they hope to have a pilot by the end of the summer. ESosa received a 2012 Best Costumes TONY Award nomination for his work on Broadway’s The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, and received the 2012 Lucille Lortel Award for By the Way, meet Vera Stark. He is currently designing Motown: The Musical and when asked about the difference between fashion and costume, ESosa said that “the biggest difference is that a costume is worn eight times a week and so it has to have longevity, but I still want my actors to look as good as my private clients.”

Eila Mell and Former Project Runway Contestants at National Arts Club_malindaknowlesnet

After the discussion, we had some amazing gourmet cocktails from Pamela Wiznitzer, President of the National Bartender Association, Chef Alan Rodriguez who just opened Los Americanos and other mixologists. Best drink in my opinion was a berry tasting drink from Chef Rodriguez that featured egg whites!

New York Bartender Association_malindaknowlesDavid Zyla, Viktor Luna, Rolise Rachel of Social Life Magazine_malindaknowlesnetIMG_0528Jane at National Arts Club_malindaknowlesnet

Malinda Knowles and Viktor Luna_malindaknowlesnet



Malinda Knowles

Do Color in the Winter: Harlem Fashion Row Fall/Winter 2013 Collective Fashion Show


This week I attended Harlem Fashion Row’s sixth annual Fall/Winter Fashion Show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. Well, it was quite the event with everyone from Nana Meriweather, Tatijiana Shoan, editor-in-chief of As If Magazine, Bevy SmithTyson Beckford and more in attendance. Above looks from designers Chantell Walters and Kimberly Goldson, finalist from Project Runway.

For those that don’t know Harlem Fashion Row is a company that supports emerging African-American designers and perhaps me sometime soon. This was their very first Fall/Winter show and I applaud Brandice Henderson and the designers for their hard work.

Espion Atelier by Deidre Jefferies

My favorite collection is kind of a toss between the first and the last. The first collection by Deidre Jefferies featured great ready to wear in mostly black, grey or bright yellow. It was funny to see because that’s exactly what I was wearing; a bright yellow dress, black blazer and grey coat. Even though black is New York’s most chic color, I am definitely not afraid of color in the winter.

The last collection by Kimberly Goldson featured some amazing, unique and beautiful pieces. She is a former Project Runway star and said she was inspired by Michelle Obama. Wanted for all of us to “see ourselves in the clothes.” Well, I did Kimberly, and I am leaning towards being most excited about your collection.

The show also featured a menswear line by Sandro Romans with very interesting headwear. One of the models told me that they actually wore a scarf around their head with a hat pinned to the top. Creative, I thought.

HFRmoodHFRLOOKNUM2EDTHFRLOOKNUMBEDT                     Malinda Knowles, Malinda Frances KnowlesmissteenandmissusaIMG_0031_edited-1

Yours Truly,


Malinda Knowles

AS by DF Fall 2013 Fashion Presentation


So, last week I attended AS by DF Fashion Presentation featuring some new Fall 2013 designs from Denise Focil who is doing a relaunch. She’s done work for J. Lo and others and is mostly based out of Los Angeles but is trying to get her stuff out here to New York. Leather is her thing and I liked some of the leather pieces that she had.


AStarsFall2013_malindaknowlesDenise wore a dress from her new collection with some great leather striped detail featuring see through fabric. I’ve noticed this seems to definitely be a trend this year.

Her ASTARS Line, a lower price point collection, evidently might be at Intermix stores this Fall. There was a dress that I absolutely adored with very soft fabric and stretchy vegan leather sleeves that will be retailing for about $90. I was impressed.

Tyson Beckford and Melyssa Ford came by to view the collection as well. Good stuff Denise, looking forward to seeing your stuff in New York.


AS by DF Fall 2013 Fashion Presentation and Cocktail Partyarzoasbydfasbydflookbookdenisefocilandmalindaknowles



Malinda Knowles

Photo Credits: Carly Otness/BFAnyc.com

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Wearable Art Inspiration: Charlotte Olympia’s Hand-Painted Shoes at Art Basel Miami Beach

Part of being an artist is seeing beauty in the unconventional just like Alexander McQueen says in his quote. For those of you who have just started following, I am beginning to develop concepts for my own fashion brand inspired by my artwork. Eventually I’ll have all of my artwork up here for you to view, but in the meantime you can view a partial showing of one of my pieces here.

In any case, I am annoyed that I am back in New York early from Thanksgiving (because of class and work) and not in Florida. But, like I said a few weeks ago, if you can, get down to Miami this weekend for Art Basel!

Charlotte Olympia has teamed with contemporary artist Boyarde to hand-paint shoes that feature famous works of art from artists such as Mondrian, Pollock, Picasso and more. She will be debuting the heels this weekend at Art Basel Miami and the limited-edition heels will only be available for sale at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbor, FL. Check out a few of them below.

(Images: Boyarde)
Malinda Knowles